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PostSubject: It's time...   It's time... EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 9:25 pm

Yay! Time to trash on entertainment >=] But seriously, this is a serious topic…
Tv and movies and such are so… Arg, retarded, that’s the only word I can think to describe them. They draw us in with their pretty people and fascinating story lines and the likes and then kill us from the brain out. It’s quite funny actually, I stopped watching TV a couple of months ago and I’ve actually gotten smarter I think… or at least I feel like it. All types of visual entertainment show a woman or man portrayed with features that normal people can’t live up to. These people aren’t real, and that’s quite literal on some of their body parts (if you know what I mean). This makes people feel they’re not good enough because they think they’re fat or some of their certain *cough* “parts” aren’t big enough and often people will feel like these bigger “parts” are normal and should be had to be ‘pretty’. This thought is one of the causes of suicide, but I digress… a lot.
MOVIES! They’re fun to watch but often are just subliminal messages and if you look close enough you can see certain messages. (giggles as you go watch your favorite movies and get really close to the screen looking for these messages) 1) I was kind of just kidding and 2) I was kind of not. Sometimes it isn’t visual but verbal and we don’t catch it. Ideas are fed into our heads. Sounds pleasant doesn’t it? Some messages and ideas are good, in my personal opinion at least, like V For Vendetta, and some are bad, like some movie that I can’t think of at the moment *shrugs*. Movies often disguise these messages as scientific inventions called “happy endings”. Yes, you think that the moral of the story is ‘love and get alone’ but they’re actually telling you to reach in your mom’s purse and take out 10 dollars to go watch the movie again… Just kidding… kind of.
I believe my point is that things are over dramatized a lot and we need to stop worrying about how we’re not as pretty as her or as handsome as him and we’re not good enough because our ‘wang’ doesn’t hang down to out knees, it’s ridiculous. Be yourself and if people don’t like you for that: Decapitate them without cutting all the way through the skin (don’t ask, something I came up with ;])
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PostSubject: Re: It's time...   It's time... EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 9:55 pm

not alll people are tv are fake they are people just the same but it is also serotyping in adds and mags and yes tv also that leads us to believe this insecurity is the own fault of our self why is a bigger chest or muscles sexy to us alot of girl go out with guys because they think they are hot and they fall in "love" with them only ending up being heart broken in the end why don' the "preps" date the "nerds" or "dorks" why is it so important to date the top cheer leader instead of that girl that is always wanting to talk to you
in movies you can learn all by siting back and watching it fully noticing what happen in each shot. then go out in everyday life and see what happens in the same stuation or compare government movies to the governments in the world or maybe the weather. these subliminal messages are there for a reason. figure it out
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