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 so...the enviroment...

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PostSubject: Re: so...the enviroment...   so...the enviroment... - Page 2 EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 10:30 am

Back to the environment. I forgot to read the second page, so...never got off that part. But I have an interesting point to make about the environment. If you don't believe in global warming, if you don't believe in anything like that, then at least think about this, because big oil companies are bad for a number of reasons. I just recently watched a special about oil companies in a little town in texas. I believe it was called Texas Gold if anybody wants to look it up.
Have you ever heard of the story of Erin Brockavic, or however you spell that name? well, it was about Pacific Gas and Electric releasing all these chemicals into the water. well, it started causing cancer and things like that. PG&E tried to cover the story up. See how well that worked. Well, if you have ever heard of that story, and also heard about how the american cancer society, or some part of the government dealng with health, said that there was no truth in that story, then listen carefully to this, because it is good.
This woman down in Texas, a fisherman by trade, and had been all her life, started to notice that the fish started to die off in her fishing ground after industry started moving in. Well, with them came government regulation that started to limit what the fishermen could do. Well, fishermen could no longer work in this small town, and so its economy started to dry up. Back to the woman, she saw something in a study somebody had done, that named her little, podunk, backwater town as the most polluted, or the least efficient at disposing of toxic waste. Something along those lines. This is a forum in the politics catagory, and this does relate to environmentalism, so I feel I can put this down. She called a town meeting because she wanted to bring the town's attention to this problem.
CEOs and presidents of the oil companies, government officials, and many higher up people in that stature, came to her and tried to stop her from calling this meeting. Remember the American cancer society? Well, when she tried to find out the cancer rate of the town, somebody from the American Cancer Society came to her and tried to shut her up.
The deeper she dug, the more dirt she found. Oil plants were releasing toxic chemicals into the air, and here's the kicker. MOST OF THEM WERE BECAUSE OF INCOMPETANCE!!![b][u]That's right. Incompetance. Not a byproduct of what they were doing, not the usual smog that gets released, hundreds of gallons of toxic gasses at any given time from valves that weren't even supposed to be open. It was because of leaking. And it was right after one of the higher-ups of the company, that same company, told her what an excellent job they were doing in keeping everything sealed, of containing waste. The one I'm talking about didn't even reach the point where it was waste.
one of the oil plants blew up right after telling what a wonderful place it was. This woman went to the vice president of the company (the president was conviniently MIA) and found out that every single action that the company took to resolve the problem was as follows. Show workers a 30 minute saftey video.
Just so you see how bad the town was, there were stories tld in the documentary, first hand accounts, of people being able to, at least before this woman, look out over the water and see beads of mercury sparkling out of the water.
Think about that next time somebody tells you about how wonderful the oil industry is.
DO NOT take my word for this. If I am full of it, then go find out for yourself and tell me. I want to know. But I wouldn't write it if I didn't believe it.
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PostSubject: Re: so...the enviroment...   so...the enviroment... - Page 2 EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 4:25 pm

Please do not double post, there's an edit button for a reason =O Rule will be added and an announcement made
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so...the enviroment...
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