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 Ninjas 1491659340525x10^342, Pirates -3

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PostSubject: Ninjas 1491659340525x10^342, Pirates -3   Sun Apr 12, 2009 7:44 pm

I'll assume you guys heard about the hijacking? Pirates from Africa hijacked an American ship off the coast of Africa and the bold captain gave himself up to save the crew, convincing the pirates to take him onto a life boat and sail away. Well, today, from what I've read, those pirates were taken out by snipers and the captain was saved. Hence the 'Pirates -3' part of the title, though they really have a score of -infinity (Is that possible? Not sure if infinity goes backwards... hm.). Ninja's have a score of infinity but I figured I'd put a number of there just becuase.
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PostSubject: Re: Ninjas 1491659340525x10^342, Pirates -3   Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:30 am

Well, the number is too small. it should be 1491659340525x10^342^100 that bigger than biggest number out there. But I digress. Yes, Ninjas use to be that awesome, but If you were to ever see a Ninjitsu master fight, and compare them to a master of any other martial art, you would loose all respect for what they have become. See ninjas have 15 dons after becoming a black belt. that is five more than anyone else. Epic, right? Yes, until you see a thirteen don black belt get his but kicked on television by this guy who gets his but kicked every other episode. Watch Human weapon to see what I am talking about.
So no...I think that even though the pirates have a score of negetive 3, the very fact that they were able to take the ship gives them a higher score than modern day ninjas.
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Ninjas 1491659340525x10^342, Pirates -3
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