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PostSubject: Warning/banning   Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:07 pm

First offence: Warned
Second Offence: 2nd Warning
Third Offence: 2 days banned
Fourth Offence: 4 days banned
*Fifth Offence+: Banned x days/**I.P. Banned

Warning doesn’t technically do anything. You just get a message telling you about the rule you broke and how many offences you’ve made thus far. Offences go up when you break a rule from the same set of rules as the previous one. So if you broke a ‘language’ rule and then you broke a ‘spamming rule’ then you’d only have one offence on both. Certain rules have different punishments and have the punishment in the rule itself.
Being banned means you can’t view the site/post on the site/do anything with the site basically. You will be banned a certain amount of days starting on the third offence, which is 2 days. *The fifth offence and onward will be dealt with by a decision made by the admin team at the current time of the offence. They will decide the amount of days you should be banned or if you need to be I.P. Banned. **Being I.P.Banned means your I.P. will be banned from the site completely and you won’t be able to use any account from that ***I.P.
Please keep in mind that you can submit an appeal to the admin team to not be permanently banned but you must submit it within seven days of the day you receive the message alerting you of your Fifth Offence. Please send your appeal to me and I’ll post it for the admin team to review. Notice that you must provide a good reason for you to not be banned and it is possible that it will be discarded after only my review if it just seems ridiculous and you didn’t even try. After your 10th offence an appeal cannot be submitted and your fate on this forum is totally dependant on the Admin team’s vote.

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